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Account Based Marketing approach: how to succeed in the diagnostics industry

Account Based Marketing approach

Account-Based Marketing approach to succeed in the diagnostics industry

IVY Diagnostics Consulting helps your Firm to market your products more effectively, with an Account-Based Marketing Strategy.

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

“ABM” is a Marketing Strategy that focuses both on marketing and on sales. “ABM” aims to drive specific marketing and commercial resources to create, contact and manage highly qualified accounts.

ABM advantages

What are the advantages of the ABM approach?

  1. First of all, the “ABM” approach focuses on the highest opportunity accounts: it considers only those accounts that have a high value for the business company (the accounts that have the most revenue potential).
  2. Second, the “ABM” Strategy improves the collaboration between marketing and sales: thanks to the insights from the Sales department, Marketers can develop effective content for key prospects. 

This inter-functional cooperation guarantees a high-quality lead generation process.

Account-Based Marketing approach: IVY develops your ABM Campaigns

The IVY ABM Consultancy consists in:

  1. Defining your companies’ goals: to identify your budget and your KPIs (costs per lead, email open rate, engagement rate, number of appointments, sellings, etc …)
  2. Selecting your targeted accounts: to communicate in an effective way to these accounts, we have to check the data, choosing the right message with the right channel.
  3. Creating the right message: to personalize your “value proposition”.
  4. Measuring the results of the campaign.