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IVY Consulting: about

IVY Consulting is specialized in Diagnostics, Life Sciences & Pharma with best practices both in “International Market Entry” and “European Market Entry”.

We have more than twenty years of experience in managing companies, selecting distributors, marketing and selling IVD tests, launching international start-ups and product registration.

MISSION: our mission is to develop the business and the organization of our customers by considering each of them as our first commercial partner. When it comes to consulting services, we help companies to expand their international business.

VISION: our Vision is to be recognized as a leading Company in Diagnostics, Life Sciences & Pharma management consulting.

IVY Consultancy Services







IVY Consulting, has also developed a business unit dedicated to:

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: we identify, contact and manage the best foreign distributors for your Company. With this service, we operate on your behalf in the sale of your products/services.

INTERNATIONALIZATION: we manage internationalization projects of your Company.

What is the IVY Strategic Consulting?

Our consultancy begins with a Strategic Marketing Plan (4 STEPS), during which we check if your company has the competitive, productive, financial and organizational capacity to market in the international scenario.

We study the market you are interested in, preparing effective commercial strategies to select, contact, develop and manage: distributors, suppliers and partners potentially interested in your “value proposition”.

I Step

Background to the Market situation

Barriers of entrance

Mapping and pre-mapping:

  • Market leaders
  • Potential customers
  • Potential Distributors

II Step

Developing a Strategy

In order for a plan to be successful, it have to answer three questions:

  1. What is the mission of the business?
  2. What goals should be met to accomplish this mission?
  3. What strategies should be employed to achieve these goals?

The first step is to be focused in defining the company’s mission. It should be a clear, succinct statement of the company’s reason for existence.

For example, the mission statement of The Walt Disney Company is “To Make People Happy.”

III Step

Goals, objectives, tactics and strategy

Difference between goals, objectives, tactics and strategy:

  • Goals are things we intend to achieve.
  • Objectives are the steps along the way toward achieving goals.
  • Tactics are the methods we use to accomplish objectives.
  • A Strategy is the overarching plan to use our unique competitive advantages to achieve our stated goals through the use of specific and measurable objectives and tactics in pursuit of our mission as a company.

IV Step

Strategic planning process

Strategic planning process:

  1. Propose a mission statement.
  2. Propose goals to accomplish it.
  3. Look internally at our own critical issues, strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Look externally at changes in our economic and regulatory environment.
  5. Summarize our findings in a SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/ Opportunities/Threats) diagram.
  6. Use the SWOT/Boston Matrix diagrams to formulate a strategy.

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